Get a check list from Best Moving Company Brooklyn for safer move!

Assuming, you have a sufficient stuff about the functioning of moving companies and want a reliable company that can handle the job with excellence. A lot of jobs are required to be discharged with sensitive approaches. Right from the arrangement of belongings for packing, till the re-arranging those at destination are quite hectic and responsible job. You need to discharge some of the jobs before direct intervention of Best Moving Company Brooklyn. Moving companies only deal with the goods to pack and load, move, unload and unpack. Before and after the works of moving companies finishes, you need to manage all such responsibilities. Have a look on the pre and post move activities:-

Pre move activities:

You need to close all the telephonic connections and clear the bills of your existing location before move. This preparation should be started keeping a cushion time as there may be formal delays due to various reasons. Actually there should be a time schedule that on which time what you have to do. Before two months of move, you need to apply for visa (if moving abroad), with available proof’s of your relocation. Any order showing your relocation should be used as supporting document. Best Moving Company Brooklyn can provide you the checklist for your faster actions.

  1. Before two month: Apply for Visa, inform schools of kids, inform your banker with due date of moving.
  2. Before one month: Start sharing your contact details with your circle and online media.
  3. Before 15 days: Start packaging of unwanted items, clear rentals, if any, inform storage companies in case you not carrying complete load in one go.
  4. Before 7 days: Clean carpets, upholstery, bicycle of kids, your car, electricity bill, phone bills and other grocery bills.
  5. Before 2 days: Keep your ticket and other documents handy at safe place. Make sure all the keys are clubbed and readily available, use minimum house hold things etc.
  6. Before 1 day: Inform Best Moving Company Brooklyn to pack the belongings.

Post Moving Activities:

Just on reaching at destination, have contact with the authorities for getting the connections you closed at previous station. Schools, bankers and other local bodies should also be contacted just on reaching at new location so that you get unbroken & flawless support. On the next side, you also need to re-place the belongings according to the space available for interiors.

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