Museums, galleries and auction houses continue to regard traveling exhibitions, both nationally and internationally, a significant component of their business. The transportation and packing of these precious and rare antiquities have become a very sophisticated industry, ensuring that these artifacts are transported safely and securely.
At Official Moving, we fully understand the value of art and antiques and the specialized handling that they require. We offer a bespoke service to each customer that ensures that proper movement techniques are employed. Our global network consists of over 50 offices on four continents, and through our Preferred Partner Network, we are able to provide worldwide coverage.
Members of our Official Moving team are all highly qualified and experienced in moving a wide variety of regular, unusual and rare artifacts. We take pride in offering our clients state-of-the-art packaging to guarantee that artworks and antiquities are given the proper protection. Our professional packing techniques and sophisticated art transportation containers ensure that the precious antiques are shipped safely.

Fine Arts and Precious Items