Green Movers

This earth-friendly site explains the changes our company took over the past years to help save our planet.

Below are the list of some changes we have made and implemented:

• In house estimate using a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant).
• Office using paper free software to input all relocation information.
• Customer receives all documentation via email.
• Office and Operation sharing files for all booked jobs on-line.
• Exchange of information by email communication only.
• In-house inventory by our movers using PDA – Inventory is emailed to our client within 24 hours .
• All accounting and invoicing is via email.
• Overseas documents , B/L , inventory , passport copy and all other documents are sent via email to our partners worldwide.
• 80% of our packing materials for move use are recyclables.
• Recycle units in our storage facility for all moving debris.

Our goal for 20013 was to decrease the use of paper by 20% and to achieve 80% paper free office and environment! As we all know, every little bit does help. We encourage you to share the ideas you find here and spread the word. Our world is a fine thing and worth fighting for.