Long Distance

Relocating from one destination to another requires hiring Long Distance movers. Official Moving.us provides paramount and preeminent services at the best market rate. Transferring all your belongings from one location to another is a complete team work. Our group of specialized professionals ensures on its part that the entire job gets completed on time. Our professionals have adequate experience and skills that will help in the completion of entire long distance processes. Selection of right team can help in innumerable ways in saving your money and time. Our customers are free to select their schedule and long distance moving services would be provided on the same day itself. There are many times when pickup and delivery time-frames are too much convoluted and there are high chances that delays are recurrent. Certainly, there are countless valuable belongings and that should be reached to their destination in best condition. We are offering guarantees and warranties on various services offered.

Van Lines

Moving and relocating services cannot be performed without the network of agents. Van line has set new standards through which local and corporate services can be easily and speedily operated. There can be times when agent would be acting as the booking agent or they may perform the entire task on their own depending on the accessibility. According to a market research performed, customers have reported that hiring Van Lines services has been of great advantage. This can be effectively witnessed through their local agent experience and quality of packing services provided. Additionally, there are less than 40% breakdowns and losses during their relocation services. It is essential on the part of customers to assess the experience and qualifications of service providers as you are entrusting your belongings.

Large Local Movers

Relocating to long destinations requires hiring local movers services in New York and this can provide you with wide horde of benefits. There are many instances where the patrons prefer to deal directly with moving company rather than dealing with booking agents. Performing the long distance task and completing them within a given specified time-frame is highly dependent on the financial resources and manpower of the company. This is inclusive of having modern vehicles and trained drivers that can perform the transportation job on time. It is essential to equip yourself with the moving rules and regulations. However, there are numerous instances where it gets impossible to avoid the breakdown situations and therefore there should be advance preparations to handle these situations. OfficialMoving.us provides proficient and trained storage facilities. It is essential to ensure that the customer’s belongings are well-maintained, locked and dirt free.

How is the customer charged?

There are number of factors that determine how the customers will be charged and this would be varying from one company to another. Basically, it rests on distances, weight or size and organizations also follow certain set standards rules and regulations. Based on these rate standards, customers are provided with volume discounts and that can range in between of 10% to 40%. During the festive seasons, customers are provided with special offers and discounts. OfficialMoving.us is a ground-breaking organization that is known for providing the lowest market rate possible. Calculation of costs is done through a simple process- Foremost items will be loaded and its weight is recorded. The customer cost is the difference between first weight and combined weight. There are many instances where the customers may get the feeling that weight is too much and then you can opt for the second weighing option. However, customers would be required to make the payment of surplus accessorial charges –

  • Elevator and stair charges
  • Transportation fee- Dependent on the kilometers traveled and destination
  • Surplus distances fee-There are instances where the driveway is small and then you need to pay these charges.
  • Packing or unpacking charges

Customers are requested to ensure on their part that any of these charges are applicable on their relocation.